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Ino Event

Starter Pack

To participate in The Early Beta test of Inu Wars Liquidation players will need to purchase a Starter Pack.

NFT Avatars

Avatars are specially made NFTs for Inu Wars. Each minted avatar is absolutely unique. Moreover, the avatar grants an ability to participate in Season Tournaments with high rewards!

Unique P2E Game

Where you can earn by playing the game or by providing weapon and ammo!

Grab you INUS and fight
against other players.

Become a Warlord and provide weapons
and ammunition for INU WARS!


Awesome and powerful multiplayer is a sure way to a long and happy life for any game, regardless of genre. Especially if you can hack with friends behind a screen, just ask the third Heroes, including the unforgettable 'Tanks' for 'Dandy' and Mortal Kombat. But, perhaps, in terms of the level of fun, not a single series of games reaches the level of the legendary Inu Wars Liquidation.

Choose your style

Unique limited NFTs, you can control up to 8 INUs in tournaments, 1 - 4 INUs in an online match, and have up to 100 INUs in your military bases and training camps.

be ready for a war
nft ammunition

Bnbzooka: Ammo (25)

Most powerful weapon type used to destroy potent rivals and group targets. The endless amount of liquidations will not tire you of remembering the power of this little devil's weapon.

Inu Wars Liquidation Token

30,83% — Play to earn

4,17% — Marketing

0,83% — Advisor

0,83% — Airdrop

25,83% — Dex Liquidity

14,17% — IGO / Private Sale

19,17% — IDO

4,17% — Development


Play against an opponent or a computer, earn tokens, win, complete daily tasks, climb on the rating board. Participate in tournaments for prizes! Or just build your weapons factory and explore new weapons and ammo types. Purchase new territories, create more powerful types of factories and weapons, sell them on the marketplace to other players!



Q4 2021

— Game Concept Creation

— Whitepaper Creation

— Website Development

— Game Demo Creation

— Launching Social Media

— Marketing

— Partnership

— Private Sale - Round 1

Q1 2022

— IDO & Listing on PancakeSwap

— Event “Play With Devs” with streamers from Twitch

— Strategic Partnerships

— Influencers Marketing

— $IWR Staking

— Airdrop

Q2 2022

— Open Beta Test Launch

— Event “Liquboxes mega sale

— First CEX Listing

— Full P2E Game Launch

— First Team Tournament Event with Prize Pool of 1 BTC worth

— Tier-B CEX Listing

— New Maps, Events and NFTs


Q2 2022

— New Maps, Events and NFTs

— Worldwide Season Tournament

— Partnership with Metaverse Project

— NFT Staking

— Inu Wars Second game reveal


Q3 2022

— Closed Android Beta Test

— Partnership with Android Mobile devices

— Launch on Partner Android Devices

— Tournament on Android Devices Prize Pool $100k Worth

— Open Alpha on iOS Devices

— Launch on Apple Store


Q4 2022

— New Expansion Announcement of INU WARS

— Inu Wars Second Game Alpha/Beta Test

— Reveal of New Game Models

— Partnership with popular PC Game Launcher to Feature game to expand auditory

— New Burning Plan Announcement

Advisors and Partners